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VIRILYS is a guaranteed way to enlarge your penis, increase libido and have more intense orgasms. Few men know that a small penis can never fully satisfy a woman because they will not be able to reach her erogenous zones. Scientific studies have shown that in USA the average penis length is 5.5 inches; however, size varies from one country to another. Studies have shown that a longer and thicker penis size of 7-8-9 inches can satisfy a woman much better and faster. Also, with an increase in penis size, men have more powerful orgasms. VIRILYS was created specifically to help you increase the length and thickness of your penis.

An unsatisfactory sex life in couples can lead to misunderstandings, arguments and lower self-esteem. Most men do not know that this problem is because of a small penis and can be solved quite easily. Such a solution is available to everyone. Not only will a larger and thicker penis satisfy your partner, but also will give you intense pleasure by having stronger and more frequent orgasms. Penis enlargement is not exclusively meant for the rich who can go to private surgical clinics for expensive and dangerous surgery to enlarge the penis. Now everyone can afford an enlarged penis with VIRILYS.

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...their lives improved significantly.

"As a psychologist, I encounter patients with various diseases; however, most of my patients are men who have problems with insecurity and depression because of an unfulfilled sexual life. A healthy relationship is when both partners are sexually satisfied.... Once my patients tried VIRILYS, their lives improved significantly. They have more confidence and are more sexually active."

Dr. Edward Garcia

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...have been pleased with the results.

"My job as a surgeon gave me the opportunity to interact with patients from different social strata who had different ailments. Most men with prostate problems or penis problems were sexually inactive or having casual sex with different partners. For some of these problems, such as penis enlargement, I do not recommend surgery because there is a real risk of complications related to erection and loss of sensation in that area. Let's not forget the extremely high cost of such procedures. As a specialist, my recommendation is a suitable treatment with this innovative natural supplement, herbal VIRILYS. The majority of my patients have been pleased with the results."

Dr. Gerard Swenson

Be one of the successful men.

Natural Formula VIRILYS

Carefully selected plants

100% natural

Tens of thousands of men have tried several formulas of this natural supplement in clinical trials. VIRILYS’ current formula has proven to be most effective; providing an increased blood supply to the penis, longer lasting erections and an increased thickness and length of the penis. We guarantee it will work for you to.

In our studies we had cases reporting penis growth up to 3.5 inches; thus, convincing us that the current formula is tremendous. Here are some of the plants that make up VIRILYS and its benefits.


Tribulus Terestris

"Tribulus Terrestris is known for its role as an aphrodisiac used to improve sexual function in men. The active principle is protodioscin, which increases the levels of androgens and helps the body to generate nitric oxide causing enlargement of the penis."

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Panax Ginseng

"The medicinal properties of ginseng are exceptional; helping to increase mental and physical performance, develop immunity, and facilitate blood circulation. Ginseng contains many active substances and sex hormone-like compounds."


L-arginine HCL

"Arginine plays an important role in cell division, healing of wounds, removing ammonia from the body, strengthening the system, and the release of hormones. Other benefits include nitric oxide synthesis, which reduces the healing time of injuries and helps lower blood pressure. "



"Clinical studies in men have suggested that maca extracts can improve sperm quality, boost libido, and alleviate sexual dysfunction. Maca has also been shown to improve sperm production and semen volume. "

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Muira Puama

"The root and bark is used by native people of South America to increase sex drive and improve erection. It has a very strong toning and strengthening effect, helping to increase penis size."

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Saw Pallmetto

"Saw palmetto fruits are rich in fatty acids and phytosterols. Fruit extracts are extensively used to combat benign prostatic hyperplasia and help improve sexual life."

Satisfied Customers are Saying!

Here are some impressions.

  • "VIRILYS has made ​​a huge difference for me and my girlfriend’s sex life.
    Because of my bigger penis I am more confident in bed and orgasms are stronger for both."

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    Barbu Eugen


  • "I had a normal penis size of 5.5 inches but my girlfriend was not completely satisfied and I wanted to turn to surgery.
    My doctor recommended VIRILYS ... Incredibly good."

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    Laboda Péter


  • "Since my boyfriend started using VIRILYS he has completely transformed. In bed he is a real stud and in everyday life he is more active and has more confidence in himself. We are both extremely happy."

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    Donna Carter


  • "   I always watched porn movies with my girlfriend. Often I wondered how porn actors are so gifted. I've learned…VIRILYS’ secret.
    Now I am also a porn star. :)"

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    William Collins


How Does VIRILYS Help You?

Penis anatomy .

Virilys is efficient!

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Anatomically, the penis is made up of 3 large chambers, two above and one below. The above chambers are called Corpora Cavernosa and are responsible for erections. The brain, because of the action of a hormone, sends more blood to the corpora cavernosa, which is composed of elastic tissue that fills with blood; therefore, causing an erection to occur. There is another chamber called Corpus Spongisum, which satisfies physiological functions such as urination and ejaculation, but it does not help erection.

After lengthy research and testing to more than 50,000 users VIRILYS reached its current formula. The formula, thanks to its components, helps vascularization of the penis, helps the body to form its own testosterone, and helps form nitrogen peroxide, which makes a stronger erection. All the components of VIRILYS are 100% natural, making its effects to be the best and lasting.

VIRILYS effects were observed on a psychological level, noting our users increased energy levels, improved sexual desire and most important, their gain in confidence. Not only had their sex lives changed for the better, but also their everyday lives. With no side effects, VIRILYS has helped people to regain the sex life they had in their youth.

It is a dietary supplement, 100% natural, with a carefully designed and tested formula based on the beneficial properties of plants. And more than that, the results are permanent.
Directions: Take two capsules per day (morning and evening) 30 minutes after eating and with a glass of water. It is not advisable to exceed the recommended daily dose.

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